Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011 WAS the Biggest, Baddest Book Invation!

Somehow, the 8 little pigs from Studio Climb and Life Interactive managed to gather strength and brought home baggages full of books. What a catch! Check out the photos and see how they did it.

Our booksssss to buy….

Patrons were all hunger for knowledge and best buys.

Our booksssss to buy….

Boxes of books were emptied throughout the event period.

These are less than RM180, can you believe it?

Selling for RM150 per box is still good for earning some profit.

Queuing up to “check-in” at the cashier counter.

Our booksssss.

Ikea bags for the win!

Let’s count how many we have bought ! Wanna have a good guess?

Never ending books counting…..206…207…208…

Looks like it’s time to get new book shelves!

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